Invasion of the Pretentious Art Film

I watched Jane Campion’s The Piano last night. I was supposed to watch it Monday in Aesthetics, but as usual, I ditched out early and rented the movie to watch over the weekend. It’s a bad movie. A very bad movie. It won all sorts of acclaim and popularity, despite being an indie flick that on the surface doesn’t seem entirely accessible to a wide audience (or, for that matter, any audience). But I know why.

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I watched fourteen hours of Buffy yesterday, including the obscenely depressing “The Body” (in which Buffy’s mother dies and the entire gang is forced to deal with that) and the less depressing “The Gift” (Buffy sacrifices herself to save the universe and Dawn, which is depressing in an heroic way), and that was fun even though they didn’t play my favorite episode (“Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”—the one where Xander does a spell to get Cordelia to love him, but it backfires and causes everyone except Cordelia to love him—it’s absolutely hilarious). The day flew by quickly. It also reminded me of how much I miss Cordelia in the Scooby gang (though she’s fun on Angel).

But the thing is, during this fourteen-hour slayerfest, they showed one commercial during literally every break. This Kia Spectra commercial. You probably know the one I’m talking about. It’s got this shitty new-wave sample playing, and there’s this obscenely cute girl and her dog, and she goes through a bunch of different boyfriends, but the only thing that stays the same is her car and the dog, because there’s something wrong with all the boyfriends. Over the fourteen hours, I managed to develop a major crush on this girl. And that is kind of depressing. But still, she’s sooooo cute.

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The Best Word to Sum Up My Week: “Hrm”

I ran into an old friend today. It’s weird that I think of her as an old friend, when I only met and befriended her last spring. I guess not talking for an entire summer and only seeing each other on occasions where the only thing to do was nod and continue walking will make a friendship seem more weathered than it actually is.

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I overspent. Not the first time, but certainly the most irritating. I fell victim to one of my late-night compulsions to scour eBay for a deal, coupled with a sudden burst of late-night excitement about the film I’ve been trying to make for about six months and will probably not end up making at all.

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More on Fiction Writing…and Some Other Stuff

I find it odd how all of a sudden I don’t hate Fiction Writing. I’m warming up to several of the students in the class, even the ones I initially despised (and still do, albeit to a lesser extent), the professor is becoming generally less irritating, and I actually almost dig the structure that I originally hated. Granted, the structure of the class—which, in simplest form, is designed to force a writing process on the students—doesn’t actually work, and I’d be much better off writing, reading, and/or discussing for four hours instead of playing shitty games. But as I get to know the others in my class, I sort of like the shitty games better. It’s more fun, I guess, when you know the people you’re playing with. Like, in geek terms, a LAN party for Unreal Tournament instead of finding some random open match online in the wee hours of the morning (in addition to knowing the people, you get a better framerate!).

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Stop Making Sense

It’s fun how I can make people pissed off at me simply by doing things like, for example, existing.

Today I pissed Kelly off, and I don’t understand why. I believe she was mildly drunk, which might account for her baffling behavior. But I don’t know.

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When Edison Came to Stay

Title: When Edison Came to Stay

Genre: Comedy

Length: 6 pages

Synopsis: After he’s killed in a lab accident, a disciple of Thomas Edison finds himself working a grueling afterlife job distracting intelligent people with the inane conversation of others.

Click the image to download.

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