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Tones of Home (Novel)

Title: Tones of Home (Novel)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Length: 100,000 words

Synopsis: Tired of fighting the pressure from family and friends, insurance adjustor Robin Kelley has reluctantly agreed to settle down and marry her longtime boyfriend, a successful CPA. When her high school sweetheart, washed-up rock star Girth McDürchstein, learns of Robin’s upcoming nuptials, he races from Los Angeles to the little town of Cedar Point, Iowa, intending to stop her. Once he arrives, Girth starts to see the virtues of a “boring” small-town life—but all Robin sees is the excitement and glamour she passed up.

Will Robin abandon a stable but predictable future to live out her own rock-star dreams?


First Draft—12/13/06

Second Draft—12/3/11

Second Draft Polish—1/14/12

Click the image to download the complete novel for just $2.99.

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Title: Reader.

Genre: Literary Fiction (that’s a euphemism for “Navel-gazing Bullshit”)

Length: 145,000 words

Synopsis: After graduating from film school, Stan McCague moves from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of working as a Hollywood screenwriter. Instead, he finds work as a Hollywood reader, analyzing the scripts others write for dicey producers, shady literary managers, and anybody else who will pay him for his opinion. Along the way, he plots against friends who are plotting against him, moves through an array of bad romantic relationships, and struggles to understand why his life and career have left him unfulfilled.

Will Stan ever find happiness? If he does, does he even deserve it?


First Draft—5/22/12

First Draft Polish—7/25/12

Click the image to download the complete novel for just $2.99.

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Title: Overzealous

Genre: Adventure/Religious Epic Satire

Length: 280,000 words

Synopsis: Convinced that God has commissioned them to fight and destroy Satan, six zealots come together and embark on a journey across the United States. They include an Iowa farmboy, a bankrupt civil rights leader, a neurotic biotechnologist, a misanthropic government assassin, and a power-hungry criminal mastermind. Each clings to a unique form of obsession clouding their judgment, be it religious faith or addiction or delusions of grandeur. The path toward Satan presents obstacles that test each character’s faith.

Once the truth is revealed, will they accept what they learn, or will they continue to cling to beliefs that reality increasingly proves obsolete?


First Draft—3/5/14

Click the image to download the prologue and first chapter.

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