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I spent the majority of my day today watching Taken, the Spielberg-produced miniseries on the Sci-Fi channel. I’ve heard a number of different—and mostly varied—opinions on it, but enough of them were positive (and from people who have taste) that I decided to watch the encore today and tomorrow.

I watched the first four parts, and it was okay. It started off slow in the first hour, then picked up through the second hour and through the second and third parts, but the fourth part was fairly boring. I got sick of watching it, so I’m taping the rest and I guess I’ll finish watching it when I have time during the holiday break.

Slashdot posted an editorial about it shortly after I stopped watching, strangely enough. Basically, they (the person who wrote the editorial and the comments from users) said the first five episodes are terrific, and the last five episodes are just awful. Now, considering I’d gauge the first four at “slightly above mediocre,” suddenly it makes me fear the last six episodes. I guess if it really starts to suck it up, I probably won’t bother finishing it.

In other news, I started playing through GTA3 again. I started playing on Thursday, and I’ve got 55% completed so far. I don’t know what it is about this game that makes me come back to it even though I’ve got half a dozen other brand new games I have yet to finish—I haven’t even finished Mario Sunshine yet because of this game! And yet I’ve played GTA3 through about five times.

And then I started comparing it to Vice City (one of the games I have yet to finish…), and that’s when things got strange. Vice City is, in many ways, a superior game…it has many improvements to the engine, it has a kick-ass storyline, and the asset purchasing system is the game’s masterstroke, but somehow, it doesn’t seem nearly as accessible to me as GTA3. I can’t figure out why. Oh well.

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We Don’t Need Your Education, We Don’t Need Your Thought Control!

I’ve been thinking about college lately. Maybe it was the sudden desire to change majors (again), maybe it’s the disillusionment with the quality (or lack thereof) of my education so far, maybe it was the sudden compulsion to choose to go to a different school and pursue a “real” major. Whatever it was, I’m sick of it, and I no longer want to go.

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This Week in Compliments

I don’t know how in the fuck it’s come to this—from being the most hated person in Fiction Writing to the most beloved in six short weeks. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating about being the most beloved, but I’m definitely more well-liked now than I was previously. My absurd satire of genres and other people’s work sort of dissolved a few weeks ago, when we were assigned to write from the perspective of what’s called an “opposite character.” Now, in case you don’t have a firm grasp of the English language, the “opposite character” is a character that is the opposite of you. Complex, ain’t it?

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And Then There Was FUN!

Today sort of zipped by. I guess it was because, abnormally, I had my voice lesson today at noon (as opposed to Fridays at 2:30), and then I went to go get a haircut. Or maybe it was the ten hours of Vice City. Who knows?

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What a Fun Life I Lead

I went to see Adaptation tonight with Lucy. As I suspected, it was fantastic. Far superior to Being John Malkovich, which is kinda saying something. And I’m hearing that his next two scripts that are in the works—Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which I believe is coming out soon, and Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind—are even better. My God, Kaufman’s on a roll.

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‘Tis the Season…FOR PAIN!

Christmas was about as thrilling as Parts: The Clonus Horror, but I have some neat-o toys to play with. And Woody Allen DVDs out the wazoo. And a sorely needed new stereo. And I blew some Christmas c@$h on Buffy season 2…seasons 1 and 3 soon to follow, but I needed to order 2 ASAP because a friend of mine sent me a 10% off Amazon dealie for it. Niiiiiiiiice.

And it snowed. Cool.

A few days ago, I wrote the first two chapters of the novel I’ve been not really planning for the last month. I planned to write a big, long post about it, and then I stopped caring, so I scrapped that idea.

And unless I get another desperate person at the door tonight, I’ll probably be watching It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story.

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Loan Me $50

I realized I don’t have any money. I barely have enough to scrape by through the next month, and I’ve already made some foolish purchases, so technically I’m in the hole some. Hopefully I can get a temp job for the bizarre four-week mid-January-to-mid-February break. If not, I’m screwed. I may have to—shudder—borrow money from my parents. Or—double shudder—get a real (well, semi-real…) job again.

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