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Podcast: Subject to Change, Episode 4: Just to Reach You, Juliana

[Disclaimer: The title sounds totally creepy in retrospect, but it’s a play on lyrics from the Beatles’ song, “Julia.”]

After chiding Tarini from not reading the blog, I tell the story of my Skype session with my rock idol, Juliana Hatfield. To put it into some context and encourage new fans, I perform four of Ms. Hatfield’s songs: “My Darling,” “Table for One,” “My Baby,” and “Bad Day.” [MP3, 64kbps, mono, 56:58]

In an outtake from my comically long Skype session with Tarini, I perform The Beach Boys’ most depressing song, “‘Til I Die.” [MP3, 64kbps, mono, 3:16]

Press the “Play” button to listen.

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