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Why Do I Even Try?

My disdain for Microsoft ebbed somewhat when they tried to stop being the Evil Empire and started using their enormous wealth for charity purposes. Also, Windows 7 was an incredible leap forward—finally, Windows is a usable operating system. More than that, it’s one I—gasp!—prefer to Mac OS X.

Today at work, I got a friendly reminder of why I should never give in fully to the cult of Microsoft. It starts, as these stories often do, with unmitigated administrator access to a computer that’s usually locked down tighter than a virgin Nazi oil drum. I discovered, quite by accident, that if I change the computer’s domain from the work network to the computer alone, I can login with the administrator username and a blank password. Since then, I’ve used it for little more than program updates—which I can’t install under my own username, thanks to all the restrictions—and, occasionally, Windows updates.

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