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  • Is this blog going to be all gossipy and awkwardly personal along with the scripts or what? Now that you are legit are you changing the focus or tone of the blog at all?! Is this podcast going to be a regular thing now? Do you even need lone Fred C. Dobbs/Abe Simpson style well-wishers periodically making disturbing comments on your blog entries anymore?!@? “Can you help a fellow American down on his luck with ten bees to buy a big yellow onion for his belt?”

    I miss the parallax review and stan has issues. :`(

    gleaming the cube 10 years ago Reply Link

    • Oh, dear.

      The awkward personal stories will continue, both in terms of reposting old stories and adding new ones. I’m going to start with a handful of standalone stories, then move on to retracing my college days.

      My Monday posts will be a mix of me complaining about movies and relating humiliating stories from the recent past. Unfortunately, most of these stories will be boring and work-related, but maybe I can rekindle the magic that made my college stories so entertaining (because it certainly had nothing to do with me living it up). I’d like it to be more like the early years of Stan Has Issues than the screenwriting-focused past couple of years, which even sort of bored me.

      Luckily, everyone I work with is either over 40 or doesn’t speak English, so I won’t have to worry about them seeking out my personal website. I can be as gossipy as I want!

      Tarini and I decided to do the podcast once a month so it doesn’t turn into a grind. Of course, we talked so long that I have enough material for two separate podcasts, so the second will come up soon.

      D. B. Bates 10 years ago Reply Link

      • Well, I do like the new colors and layout of this site. Also, you might decide to go back to Hollywood and start blogging about workin’ in the city, like that infamous sound technician who blogged at length years ago about working for some up and coming band with that horribly inept drummer. I want to hear about big Hollywood boardroom type doings and insane Hollywood Halloween parties where you end up with a crazy high Harvey Weinstein as he tries to fish his coke bottle glasses out of a toilet bowl with his penguin suit flipper hands.

        gleaming the cube 10 years ago Reply Link

        • “No one must know they fell in the toilet. Not I, who drafted the Paris Peace Accords.”

          I’m working on a book about my experiences script-reading. Trust me; it’ll be more compelling than it sounds, even if it’s not as glamorous as what you described.

          D. B. Bates 10 years ago Reply Link

  • Glamorous is having that flipper sequence end up with you floating face down in a pool in a “Sunset Blvd.” type situation.

    gleaming the cube 10 years ago Reply Link

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