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I’m back, baby!

Some of you might have found me through The Parallax Review, a film criticism website I agonized over for nine months before throwing in the towel, resigned to the fact that it’d take years—possibly decades—to break through the din of terrible Internet film reviews and become a legitimate voice. I have a life to live, and I won’t sacrifice it for a website unless it has naked chicks.

Some of you might have found me through my former blog, Stan Has Issues™, where I posted for nearly a decade under the anonymous guise of Stan McKagan (sometimes McCague). What started as the comic soap opera of my college years quickly evolved into an outlet for my frustration over certain movies I saw, certain scripts I read, and certain advice I saw preached on the Internet by so-called gurus who couldn’t tell their ass from a hole in the wall.

Some of you might have found me because you know me. Well… This is awkward. Here I am, letting it all hang out. Believe me, I need all the support I can get, but I’m not sure you want to read boring articles about screenwriting or stories about chronic masturbation.

Still, if I might direct you all to the sidebar, you’ll notice that I’ve posted a plethora of creative works: songs, short scripts, short films, short stories (I’m sensing a theme…), and excerpts from feature scripts. I’ve also archived all the reviews and coverage I could find. Feast on all that if you don’t want to risk imagining my penis. Or even if you do. There’s some good stuff there, and there’ll be a lot more where it came from in the coming months.

I’ve set this site up primarily for self-promotion purposes, though I’m not exactly sure what it will evolve into. For now, it’s me: who I am, what I’ve done, what I’m doing now, what I will do in the future, and why I’m so cranky all the time.

It’ll be loosely structured as follows:

Mondays—Something new and exciting—essentially whatever pops into my head at the moment

Wednesday—A thrilling flashback to my college years and beyond. Over the course of Stan Has Issues™, I accumulated a number of stories—some funny, some depressing, some depraved—and will create the illusion that this is new content. I have two reasons for this: (1) the majority of you are visiting this site for the very first time, and (2) those of you who may have followed me from another site may only be familiar with my rambling lectures on why movies should be better. Now, it’s time to know me as a person, for better or worse (mostly worse).

Friday—A repost of an old screenwriting article, or a new script review.

I may post more, but I probably won’t post less. At the very least, I have two recycled articles per week at the ready.

I also intend to use the Monday post to delve a little into commentary on the upcoming articles. Let me do that now.

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