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Kick-Ass vs. Super

If any of you paid attention to The Parallax Review from the beginning, you’ll recall that I hated Kick-Ass. In one of our only contentious podcasts, Matt and I vehemently disagreed about the film’s quality and worth. I argued that the story was an unfocused, structurally unsound mess, that the satire was weak and self-defeating (by ignoring its own premise—that regular people have decided to act like superheroes—the moment Big Daddy and Hit Girl show up), and that the jokes were incredibly repetitive. Granted, it was more than a one-joke premise—it pretty much gave one joke to each character, then beat it into the ground repeatedly. Worse than all that, I never felt like I was watching a story about characters I could believe doing things I cared about. It’s merely a movie that tries very hard to be shocking and irreverent without having the narrative or comedy chops to back up its brazenness. (And even its brazenness was dulled quite significantly—disturbing and unfunny as I found Chlo&eum; Moretz as the foul-mouthed, ultraviolent Hit Girl, I probably would have believed in the character more, and found her relationship with Big Daddy more compelling, if he had been drugging her as he does in the comic. Granted, I haven’t read the comic, and I hear it’s quite awful, but by most accounts it’s much bolder than the sanitized-for-your-protection-but-still-pretending-to-be-aggressive-and-filthy film.)

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