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Tones of Home (Screenplay)

Title: Tones of Home (Screenplay)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Draft: Third

Length: 111 pages

Logline: Tired of fighting the pressure from family and friends, insurance adjustor Robin Kelley has reluctantly agreed to settle down and marry her longtime boyfriend, a successful CPA. When her high school sweetheart, washed-up rock star Girth McDürchstein, learns of Robin’s upcoming nuptials, he races from Los Angeles to the little town of Cedar Point, Iowa, intending to stop her. Once he arrives, Girth starts to see the virtues of a “boring” small-town life—but all Robin sees is the excitement and glamour she passed up.

Will Robin abandon a stable but predictable future to live out her own rock-star dreams?


First Draft—5/12/05

Second Draft—10/30/07

Third Draft—10/10/10

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