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Title: Disappear

Genre: Thriller

Draft: Third

Length: 121 pages

Logline: A pair of siblings hide out in Chicago while they try to expose the government organization responsible for a military assault that killed the entire populous of their rural town.


First Draft—5/12/06

Second Draft—4/18/08

Third Draft—7/6/09

Click the image to download the complete screenplay for just $2.99.

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Check This Shit Out…

First, some exciting news: thanks to the inexplicable/unfortunate popularity of my podcasts, I will finally kowtow to the masses (i.e., 6-7 people) and start recording more. Look for them to start appearing (at least) weekly until I get sick of them again.

  • A variation on this article was e-mailed to me by a reader. I have to say, while I was no fan of The Beaver‘s screenplay, this news means the movie could at least be interesting.
  • Trailers have begun appearing for Jennifer’s Body, the new film “from the mind of” Diablo Cody. Now might be a good time to look at my script review, so you can, like me, watch this trailer and wonder why the movie they’re marketing in no way resembles the movie they made. The trailer cutter does get some points for playing to the movie’s only strength: Megan Fox’s boobs.
  • For those of you mourning the lack of recent content, take the opportunity to bask in the same things I enjoy. Watch The Purple Rose of Cairo or Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or, even better, buy Every Window in My House, the 2004 album by Kathryn Musilek. I listen to a metric shit ton of music, and I can think of only two other albums that have had such a profound impact on me. Great songwriting, great sound, wonderfully impassioned vocals… Unlike the other two (Pet Sounds and Born to Run), precious few are aware of this album’s existence. This needs to change. Come on, it’s only $9.97 at CDBaby or $9.99 on iTunes. This is an album I’ve listened to, on average, twice a week for the past five years. I simply don’t get tired of it.
  • Interested in eeeeexxxxtreeeme goofiness? Check out the comments here. I never expected this blog to turn into The Jerry Springer Show, but there you have it. Interesting side note: Dena Lyle, allegedly the original commenter, found this blog using the search terms “judge mathis bailiff brendan.” Why she chose those search terms to drop her comment, I’ll never understand…

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