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Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 6

Would Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 6 have been less disappointing if I had watched it before Belladonna: Manhandled 3? That near-masterpiece of rough sex and relationship drama prepared me for the best. Belladonna often shines when confronted with the fairer sex, but in this case, I’m afraid she offers a lackluster entry. So to speak.

It features one unusual prop. The strangest and, by far, the most erotic scene in the film involves Belladonna, Lexi Belle and an endless supply of heavy-duty balloons. The problem here is that it’s all been done before. Maybe not by Belladonna (although, in many cases, yes, by Belladonna), but two women fucking in a bathtub? Two ballerina/cheerleaders getting turned on by each others’ moves? Two girls coming in from the pool to cool off and, instead, heating up? This scenarios would have felt fresh in 1968, perhaps.

When releasing what amounts to a narrative-free gonzo experience, bringing something new to the table is the only way to succeed. Perhaps, with five stellar … Fucking Girls films under her belt, Belladonna has run out of steam. I’d like to believe a seventh installment will redeem the franchise, but I have my doubts. Unlike Manhandled 3, Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 6 gives only the barest introductions to the scenes; in fact, the opening scene in the bathtub has no exposition whatsoever. Granted, it doesn’t need any—it’s two naked women in a tub, for crying out loud!—but why didn’t director Belladonna try to defy our expectations? Two naked women in a tub…talk about sex, bringing about elaborate fantasy sequences as divorced from reality as anything Annie Sprinkle does these days.

I’d be tempted to chalk this up to a problem with an industry of no-budget, mass-produced schlock, but Belladonna usually takes what little she has and spins it into art. Where is the kind of penetrative insight into female friendships that we witnessed Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 1 and 4 and, one hopes, in her upcoming film with Kimberly Kane and Aiden Starr (previewed in Manhandled 3)? The adult industry has very few competent women working behind the camera, and none of them have the instincts or psychological insight of Belladonna. Without that depth, something with this film’s rock-bottom production values just feels like a quick cash-in.

In Belladonna’s Fucking Girls 6, she offers everything in the title but nothing more.

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