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Scoring Free Shit

I spent part of today trying to score a free copy of a certain upcoming video game that I am looking forward to more than any person should. Apparently a PR firm contacted a website I’m working on, even though we’re a film review site, to let us know we can contact them for hi-res graphics to promote the launch. The publisher forwarded it to me, telling me he’d help me score a free copy if possible. I said, “Awesome,” because even though I preordered it, I don’t technically have the money (whoo credit!). So I got a polite e-mail from somebody at the PR place asking me about the nature of my story, so she can help to better accommodate me.


Some quick thinking led me to the realization that a good, film-related article could be culled from the very notion that video games are becoming increasingly cinematic; beyond this, the series has been known for movie references and parodies. I could write a decent comparative article about the games, their influences, and whether or not a video game can capture the same emotional depth as a film. (P.S.: They can.)

No word yet on whether or not that’s good, but considering the impromptu nature of this B.S., I am feeling pretty good about my skills. I’m ready for grad school!

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