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Stan vs. The Addams Family

I fucking love The Addams Family—I don’t really care much if you disagree. It’s probably the funniest “classic” sitcom of all time, and it’s pretty hard to beat Green Acres and The Dick Van Dyke Show. It only lasted two seasons, but it’s one of those shows I could watch repeatedly and not get sick of. This is either a testament to its quality or a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder—you decide! I actually wish it had lasted longer, because if you watch the episodes in order, the writers just go batshit insane; most episodes barely have a story and are full of Monty Python-esque absurdity. As much of a story guy as I am, I love that kind of humor when it’s done well, but I also acknowledge this is probably the main reason for the show’s ratings decline and cancellation.

Although I’d never really cite it as a conscious influence, I noticed something kind of crazy. Recently, TV Land has wedged random marathons onto the schedule (usually they only air it once on Saturday and Sunday), so I had a shitload of Addams Family episodes on the TiVo this week. I watched them at the same time I went through my fake band blog to spruce up old entries, and I realized what a big impact it’s had.

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