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Just got an e-mail from Mark regarding the job. To his credit, he’s trying to undo the damage he’s done by feeding me little bits of info.

I sort of snickered when he mentioned that he was the first person to interview for the position and that she didn’t schedule a follow-up with the marketing department right away (as she did when I interviewed for the position). Then I felt legitimately bad when he mentioned he was replaying the interview in his head over and over again, thinking of questions he answered poorly. It wasn’t just his penchant for honesty that did him in—it’s his unrelenting negativity. After feeling bad, I got pissed off again: he knows he’s the kind of guy who will walk into a job interview knowing he didn’t get it—so why go for it in the first place, when he knows I need it (and, in this particular case, want it) more?

Based on the questions he thought he botched, Mark attempted to coach me into giving “correct” answers. The irony, of course, is that I’ve already got my bases covered. His main concern was saying “no” when asked if he’d ever have interest in pursuing a career in law; I stated flat-out in my cover letter that I’d love to get some firm experience, even in the marketing department, before pursuing a J.D. His other big concern was “hyping” my web skills. Yes, there are two positions open—yet another reason to be annoyed he didn’t mention it; he really was just trying to eliminate any competition, no matter what, for this job he didn’t believe he’d get—one for print material, the other for web. According to my largely fictitious resume, I have ample experience with both media, but I did hype the web skills more. I remembered from my previous interview that they were shifting to focus more on the web, and the web-design group is part of the marketing department.

Now, here I am, taking my accumulated knowledge and blitzing the HR lady, without any success (so far). Meanwhile, Mark has had his first (and probably only) interview. What the hell?

Based on what Mark told me, I decided I should wait until Friday before contacting the head of marketing. I still feel kind of strange about doing it, but like many others have said: if I don’t risk pissing some people off, I’d never hear anything. So either they’re going to be elated and the ball will start rolling, or they’re going to be pissed and it’d be the same basic result. What’s the harm in going for it?

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