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Your Source for Juno Hate

To my delight, my rant on Juno is now Google’s top choice for the following keywords:

i hate juno
i hated juno
hate juno (though, for some reason, I’m not even on page one for “juno hate”)

I’m also #2 for “hated juno” (damn you, Jim DeRogatis!) and #3 for “hating juno.” I tried some other keywords like “terrible,” “horrible,” “worst,” “embarrassing,” “awful,” and so on. Nothing, but who needs it? I have “hate” largely to myself.

And what am I going to do with it? Gosh, I’d like to concoct some sort of Diablo Cody-esque attention-whore meltdown out of it, but being #1 on Google doesn’t exactly reach the epic proportions of taking a hip and edgy stand against wearing million-dollar shoes to the Oscars, even if you picked them out and were heavily involved in the design process. It barely even hits the level of publicly stating I’m going to leave town for self-reflection purposes, then staging photos with my #1 on Google statuette and turning where I’ve gone into a guessing game for rabid fans and hangers-on. I guess I don’t have the Diablo Cody spirit.

But I do have hate.

Also, I have this video link:

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