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Man Is It Sweaty!

Per usual, I thought it would be funny to defy the obvious and make this song about literally being hot and sweaty, and the consequences that could have on a relationship. I also thought comparing a beautiful woman’s mouth to that of a racehorse would be really funny, especially since Girth is effectively describing his future wife in this song. Lastly, one of my friends listened to this and announced, to my surprise and annoyance, that I’d kinda ripped off the melody from “Downtown.” Oops!

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I Stand Corrected

Recently I reported that I hadn’t heard a worse song than Brian Wilson’s “Smart Girls.” I can admit when I’m wrong, and my unfortunate prolonged exposure to Top 40 radio over the last few weeks has given me some perspective. In fact, the absolute worst song ever recorded (or, at least, the worst song ever to be a #1 hit) is “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani. [Downloadable file removed 3/13/08 because certain websites were direct-linking.]

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