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Rolling in It

“Album” Version/”Radio Edit”:
I’ve long been obsessed with Nigerian 419 scams, because they’re the most dangerous form of hilarity on the planet. Long before I wrote Debt Collection, I wrote this song (and decided, in the Abysmal universe, that it was the soundtrack lynchpin of a fictitious 1998 Steven Seagal epic called, um, Debt Collection). It’s essentially a fevered warning against the dreaded 419 scam, replete with offensive broken English. For those interested in the technical nuts and bolts, I had this song up on the site for two years before adding the bongos and pseudo-African chanting. While recovering from wrist surgery in the summer of 2009, the combination of boredom and Vicodin caused me to rerecord the vocals (which were pretty sloppy in the “first draft,” since I was essentially making up the melody on the fly during that take). While I was at it, I used Reason to lay down a quick bongo line, and then I added some layered harmonies of generic African chanting.

“Live Version”:
This song is not live. I’m not sure who it’ll fool. I rerecorded the guitar parts using different distortion pedals to give it a slightly different sound, boosted the speed a little, then rerecorded the vocals. After that, I added generic crowd noise from sound effects CDs and really fucked with the EQ shelves to give it that “live” sound. I know I’m biased, but I actually think it sounds pretty convincing.

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