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Author: Unknown
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Storyline: 3
Dialogue: 1
Characterization: 1
Writer’s Potential: 2

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At their 10-year reunion, four friends make a pact to hook up with girls they crushed on in high school.


Spring, 1996: four friends — ZACH, MIKE, JOHN, and DAVE — graduate and make last-ditch efforts to get the girls they’ve loved for years to notice them. They fail. Ten years later, all four are the only losers who haven’t left town or moved on with their lives. When Zach receives his invitation to the 10-year reunion, he realizes maybe he can’t move forward because he never admitted his feelings for longtime friend, SARA. Mike jumps on this and thinks all four of them have the same problem in common, so he makes them sign a pact (Zach won’t, so Mike forges his signature) saying they’ll sleep with the girls they used to want. Sara calls Zach and asks to stay with him for the reunion; Zach’s humiliated because he works as a chicken mascot at his dad’s used-car dealership and still lives with his parents. Mike helps him come up with an assortment of lies and excuses. Mike also starts dating an 18-year-old, KATIE.

Sara shows up, and just before Zach confesses his feelings, Sara’s boyfriend STEVE arrives. Now Zach has to pretend to be gay so Steve won’t be so uptight about Sara talking about him all the time. They go to the reunion, and Zach confesses his feelings. Katie finds their signed pact and in a fit of anger takes it to the reunion and reads it at the microphone. Sara is horrified; she leaves. Steve tries to follow her, but she dumps him on the spot. The objects of John and Dave’s affection are actually flattered by the pact, so they score. Zach explains the truth about everything, but Sara still turns him down because her life is too busy to have a serious relationship. Zach decides to move forward: he’s going to grad school. The friends force Mike to apologize to Katie. Zach gets a flat tire just at the city limits, and Sara shows up, saying she quit her busy, stressful job to have one that’s less busy and stressful — and closer to Zach’s school.


This is a totally by-the-numbers romantic comedy, which would be fine if it were redeemed by being funny; unfortunately, it’s not. There are occasional funny one-liners, but too many of the jokes rely on caricatures, stereotypes, and establishing running gags that aren’t funny the first time. It’s obvious from the very first scene with Zach and Sara that they’re going to be together by the end of the screenplay, and the author doesn’t do enough to create compelling reasons to keep them apart, aside from giving her a boyfriend who’s obviously not right for her (or anyone else on the planet). Clichés in formula stories are unavoidable, so why not take the conventions and do something new and interesting with them? The author doesn’t, which makes the script a dud.

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