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Free Food Bonanza!

So in addition to the free lunch I complained about earlier, last week we also had a “holiday pot-luck” on Tuesday. I saw a few vague signs advertising it, but I neither brought anything nor found where this pot-luck was supposedly taking place.

On top of that, on Friday morning somebody brought in bagels for breakfast. Today somebody brought in cake and holiday cookies. Tomorrow we have another free lunch—an all-you-can-eat buffet at a Chinese place down the street—and next Tuesday, when we close, there will be another free lunch, making a total of four this month (there was another one earlier in the month), and that excludes all the other random times people have brought in cookies, candy, and other shit like that.

And all I have to say about this is: people bring in terrible, unhealthy food for others to snack on, and Management pays for terrible, unhealthy lunches. When you aren’t eating free food, you are expected to sit on your ass for eight hours. And there are people in this country who don’t understand why there’s an obesity epidemic.

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