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Training Day

They hired a temp to assume my responsibilities. Not because I’m obscenely incompetent—surprisingly, it’s quite the opposite—but because I have been promoted. Not a big promotion—no pay raise, and the meaningless title that I had before now becomes somewhat meaningful—but just a small step up. Because of that, I no longer do the shit I did before, and they don’t have enough people to go around, so…a temp, until they can hire someone full-time.

The temp started Monday, and I specifically asked on Friday if I would be expected to train her. Because, you know, the only thing I hate more than dealing with people is teaching people how to do something a trained ape could do. They told me I wouldn’t have to train her, but I’d have to take up the slack (i.e., continue doing what I’ve already been doing) until she becomes proficient, at which point they’d teach me my New Tasks and Responsibilities.

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