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Monster Truck Madness

Author: David Capper & Kevin Lipski

Genre: Comedy

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To make money, a disgraced NASCAR champion turns to driving a monster truck.


Two-time Daytona 500 champion DARRYL “B.M.” BODINE loses dignity and respect in the NASCAR world when he is caught defecating in a trophy cup. Ten years later, he tries to reclaim the title but is defeated by MORTON, who is also sleeping with B.M.’s girlfriend. Depressed, B.M. enlists the help of his best friend, BUDDY, in schemes to get paid to drive without racing. After a series of food-delivery mishaps, B.M. is pulled into the world of monster truck rallies. He meets a woman, TAMMY JEAN, and gradually wins her respect, along with that of the other monster truck drivers. Soon, Morton shows up again as B.M.’s competition in a big monster truck rally, but thanks to the love of Tammy Jean, B.M. wins the title and the respect of every monster truck fan.


The story, thin to begin with, sputters from gag to tired gag without much focus. None of the characters are developed enough to care whether or not B.M. wins the championship or the girl. The racing and monster truck action is used solely as a backdrop from lazy, unmotivated scatological jokes. While “gross-out” comedies have proven successful commercially, the better ones at least develop the characters to a point where the audience will cringe with him when he keeps farting inappropriately. This script, unfortunately, lacks development in every narrative respect, and as a result the humor fails, as well.

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