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The IQ Test

I’ve always believed Lucy was smarter than me. Always, unquestionably, no matter how dumbassy she sometimes behaves. Because, I know, when she actually takes the time to think something through, she’s really damn smart. Also, she beats me at Trivial Pursuit, which is the true measure of a man; seriously, it is. Even King Lear thinks so. It’s why he went crazy. Cordelia kept beating him at Trivial Pursuit. “NO LAND FOR THEE, HARLOT!” he often screamed after she got the final pie wedge. In those days, they played for actual wedges of pie, and Lear loved his desserts. His division of the kingdom into pie-like slices for his daughters came directly from his crippling Trivial Pursuit losses.

History, my friends, is a wonderful thing.

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