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Lucy’s back online, so for the past two days we’ve been spending hours playing this stupid online Trivial Pursuit game. Here’s the problem: unless we do TV or Silver Screen, she wins. And she doesn’t just win: she whips my ass. The closest I came to winning was getting five questions right (out of seven), but I got the following question wrong (and she swooped down for the win):

Science & Nature: Which planet is closest to the Earth?

A. Venus

B. Jupiter

C. Mars

D. Pluto

That’s right, I am rock stupid. And she is smarter than me. And it makes me feel pathetic. It also makes me feel bad that she’s working at Lowe’s instead of putting her smarts to use doing something productive, like running a numbers house on the south side.

Update: I almost forgot that this game also yielded this hilarious exchange:

(23:43:40) Lucy: val may be watching and/or playing, don’t say anything stupid

(23:43:54) Me: like what?!

(23:44:02) Lucy: i don’t know

(23:44:05) Me: “i hope your friend val will have sex with me”?

(23:44:07) Lucy: don’t make fun of her

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