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The Threesome

This is strictly on the gossip-mill, but whatever. So was The Theory, but my rabid fan is clamoring for a new post, since it’s been nearly three weeks since my last one. In lieu of anything credible or interesting, I’m willing to write up some gossipy libel since it’s the latest buzz in the screenwriting department.

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Madame Bovinia

Title: Madame Bovinia

Genre: Comedy/Experimental

Length: 10 pages

Draft: Second

Logline: A government assassin falls in love with a cow haunted by her experiments in Vietnam.

Click the image to download.

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The Dungeonmaster

Special thanks to Rummy for this find:

First shot in 1983 but not released until 1985, this low-budget, amateur fantasy is about Paul Bradford (Jeffrey Byron), a computer whiz who takes on the forces of evil in the guise of Heavy Metal (Blackie Lawless), the leader of an eponymous L.A. band, and Mestema (Richard Moll) the black magician who forces Paul into seven separate confrontations with powerful enemies, much in the manner of Hercules and his challenges (each confrontation directed by a different individual). The nasty Mestema is holding Paul’s girlfriend Gwen (Leslie Wing) hostage, giving him all the more reason to meet these challenges, armed with his computer and nothing more. And all this happens in a mere 73 minutes of running time — counting the long credits — or about 10 minutes a challenge.
    —Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

After hearing this clip, I decided The Dungeonmaster is a film I need to own. Unfortunately, it’s out of print. However, Amazon zShops always come through in a pinch—I bought a copy for $3.99 total, which hopefully will get here before I abandon Chicago for the summer.

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It’s Art?

On Friday, my good friend Jive invited me to an art exhibition at DePaul, in which a few of his photographs were on grand display. I lugged my lazy ass to the campus and was immediately surprised by the crowd. Or, more accurately, I was surprised by the fact that the crowd was congregating in the hallway outside the gallery. My immediate thought was, “Wow, the art must be pretty bad,” but I soon realized it was because there was free food outside, and you couldn’t eat inside.

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