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I had a dental appointment yesterday. It wasn’t a big deal, except I apparently have a tooth with two cavities. My dentist said it wasn’t a big deal, because it was a “non-functioning tooth.” I didn’t specifically like the sound of that, but he reassured me that the tooth, when I bite down, doesn’t connect with any of the other teeth in my head. It merely exists, partially submerged in gum tissue. He said, “I’m going to treat this as a wisdom tooth and recommend an oral surgeon.”

He paused for a second, then said, “Unless you maybe want to go to an orthodontist and get your teeth fixed right.”

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My boss called me yesterday, but I decided not to answer or call her back until this morning.

Me: Hey, Jenna, it’s Stan.

Jenna: What’s up?

Me: Uh…you called me yesterday.

Jenna: Oh, right. Um…are you ever coming back to work?

Me: …

Jenna: ‘Cause I know you were sick, but I just wasn’t sure what was going on. Are you better?

Me: Yeah, I’m better.

Jenna: Are you coming back?

Me: Uh…yeah.

Jenna: When?

Me: Monday?

Jenna: Okay.

Me: Was I supposed to be working through the break?

Jenna: …

Me: …

Jenna: Yeah.

Me: Oh.

Jenna: So…Monday, then?

Me: Yeah.

Jenna: Good. Bye.

Me: Bye.

So, okay. That was weird.

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South Side, or: The Culture of Fear, or: I’m a Big Wuss

Longtime readers of this blog have, I’m sure, drawn many strange and accurate conclusions about me. Chief among them: I’m sort of paranoid. I like to think of myself as “cautious,” but I’m apparently not a very good judge of character. So, when I learned two weeks ago that my Fiction Writing II professor was having a going-away party today (she’s moving to Maine) at a house on 77th Street, I decided to cautiously not go.

Then, my friend Anne said, “I think I’m going to go to that party.”

I said, “Yeah, me too.”

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The Greystoke

Title: The Greystoke

Genre: Drama

Length: 28 pages

Draft: Second

Logline: After the death of her mother, a woman struggles to forge a real relationship with a crush-stricken coworker.

Click the image to download.

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Exes on a Train

I’m not fatalistic by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes coincidences occur that make me sort of shudder, briefly contemplate the nature reality, and then dismiss it. One such fortuitous incident happened on Thursday night, after I got off work. I walked down to LaSalle Street, as I always do, and waited for a train at the Clinton station.

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