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Shooting — Day Two, Part Two: Theological Musings

One thing I forgot to mention in my extensive and boring chronicle of the shooting of this exciting film was something that occurred toward the end of last night’s shooting. As I believe I mentioned earlier, the theme of this film is that propagandists shovel shit, and people eat it like it’s cotton candy. That was a terrible analogy. So, as part of that, the Filmmaker decided some clips of Billy Graham would be appropriate. This led to a discussion about theology, politics, the war, and so on, between the Filmmaker, the Introvert, and the Smoking Cripple.

I chose not to take part, because what was the point?

They basically said things that idiots who think they’re artists often say because they have no real views of their own, but they think they need to be counterculture-tastic in order to be “real” artists. Here is what they said:

On religion

The Filmmaker: “I think I’m a better Christian than most Christians because I don’t just listen to what a minister says, I search for the truth.”

The Introvert: “Look at these guys in suits telling you what Christ thought. Christ never wore no suit. Look at Jesse Jackson—he runs the most profitable non-profit organization in the world.”

(The “suit” reference led to a conversation, which went on far too long and became far too graphic, on how modern people worship “suits” and how ties are incredibly phallic.)

The Smoking Cripple: “He says Armageddon will come soon. Man, it already has.”

On politics

The Filmmaker: “Our supposed President is a complete idiot. Why do so many Congressmen support him?”

The Introvert: “Man, they’re all getting paid off by his oil companies.”

The Smoking Cripple: “And every other business in this country that makes a profit.”

On the war

The Filmmaker: “This war is a travesty against the American people.”

The Introvert: “I think they should just leave Iraq right now.”

The Smoking Cripple: “They never should’ve gone in the first place.”

It’s not that I particularly disagree with these statements. I do agree that the war never should have started in the first place, and while I’m not affiliated with any religious organization, I do believe that the honest search for truth is far more important than blind faith. If there is some sort of all-powerful being out there, I would have to imagine he would give a higher reward to those who actively sought out the truth than to those who sat around listening to somebody else’s interpretation of the way things are, believing that that is The Truth™.

The thing that bugged me, however, was that they don’t really believe what they’re saying (this is a fact that is very obvious to me, but it is very difficult to discern without specifically hearing the tone in their voices as they spoke). Okay, maybe they do believe what they say to some extent, but I guess I just think they’re hypocrites.

It was obvious that they were regurgitating beliefs that others have previously expressed—which means the whole line about not blindly following leaders is crap. Furthermore, they rip on “suits” and Big Business for being the terrible opressors of the universe, all the while toiling to break into an industry that is so disgustingly overflowing with money and corruption, Ken Lay would roll over on his uncomfortable prison cot.* I really think that the “suits” in the entertainment industry are the ones people should be worrying about—they have more influence over the American public than anyone is readily willing to admit.

Anyway, that’s my little sub-rant on their supposed beliefs. Hope you enjoyed it!

*I’m not 100% sure Ken Lay is actually rotting away in a prison cell at the moment, because I haven’t heard much about Enron lately. I just thought it’d be an amusing little joke. [Back]

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