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Shooting — Day Three: Endgame

For the love of God, tonight’s shooting wasn’t actually that bad. Now that I’m home, able to relax, no heavy weight of irritation slung upon my shoulders, I’m actually vaguely happy.

Which is not to say nothing irritating happened tonight.

Really, though, I’m not really pissed at all. I’m just mildly irritated that the Filmmaker insisted I drive down, claiming it’d be an all-nighter in order to get this done. As it turned out, when I got there tonight he was nearly out of film, most of the shots we were doing were similar (so no need for the drastic lighting changes that ate up so much time), and we ended up finishing at 10 o’clock. So, I have caffeine surging through my system and cannot fall asleep because I thought I’d be up at least until 3, and I paid $18 (including tip) for parking when I actually could have taken the train.

Also, if I had taken the train, it would have saved me about two hours of grief helping him clean up, load all his shit into my car, drive him to two different locations (a friend’s apartment, because he had borrowed some stuff for props, and the Filmmaker’s own apartment), and then get lost on the way home because I don’t know the non-downtown areas of Chicago nearly as well as I should (plus, it was raining, so I couldn’t make out any street names until I was roaring past the intersection).

I get the distinct impression that the Filmmaker insisted I drive, knowing full well we’d be done early enough for me to make that last train, so I’d have the car to chauffer him around. I should have just let him take a cab.

Oh well. It’s over now, and I’ll have nothing worth writing about as I waste the rest of my spring break loafing around, watching TV.

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