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Classes start tomorrow. I’m absolutely thrilled. Except for how much I’m not.

I could follow that up with a pissy, whiny bitch-rant about all the things I have to do next week in order to get back into the swing of my exciting bachelor lifestyle (see, “bachelor” is a pun in this case, as I am (1) a swinging bachelor and (2) pursuing a bachelor’s degree; my hilarity never ceases to amaze and irritate me), and I still might, but I really probably shouldn?t because it?s not worth the effort. All’s I know is that everybody I know is converging in this general area tonight, and I’ll see a few them tomorrow, smoke some PCP, and then petition some grades with which I take issue. Also, I need to get a new U-Pass. And I need to drop and add some classes on Thursday. And I am looking forward to roughly none of those things.

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