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Well, classes today weren’t nearly as dull as I assumed they would be. During a mere three-hour period, I managed to (1) have a brief reunion with a few people who I think have actually moved up a notch from “acquaintance” to “friend,” (2) mock one of my professors openly, (3) go on an insane tirade about how people who form political and ideological opinions based on misinformations or facts that come from another plane of reality should just shut the fuck up before I commit suicide (it ended with “…AND WE ENTERED WORLD WAR TWO IN 1941, NOT THE THIRTIES. AND WE DIDN’T ENTER TO GO AFTER THE GERMANS BECAUSE THEY WERE EVIL AND MENACING; WE LAUNCHED A CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE JAPANESE, WHO DECLARED WAR ON US!!”), (4) get all of my books (the line in the bookstore was surprisingly nonexistent), and (5) get my U-Pass (so now all my rides up to Boystown for some hot axxxion are free).

Now I need to drop two classes and add two more. The whirligig of college registration is ever-so-much fun. I’m just glad they’re finally leaping into the late 19th century and implementing online registration, so I don’t have to wait around for hours or come down when I don’t need to. I’m dropping Lighting I to take Script Analysis, because the latter is required and the former is not, and I plan to drop some stupid science course I signed up for as my gen ed elective. It will be replaced with Screenwriting II, which is much more important than a class I don’t feel like getting up for.

But before I can do that, I have one other thing to do. It’s probably the most irritating and difficult. I need to convince the chair of the Film/Video college that the Screenwriting I requirement should be waived in my specific case as a result of many, many, many atrocities that occurred in that class. Fortunately, I’m backed by my Writing For Television professor and my grade in that class (my nice, shiny A), along with my grades in other F/V classes (a solid B average in the department) and other English classes (straight A’s, bitch).

And it’s kinda nice, with two bitchy gen eds on Mondays and Wednesdays, to have the day end at 1:45 and just go home and relax. I’ve been planning my schedule all wrong for the last two years.

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