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The Last Castle

My dad’s gone insane again, and he’s decided that now that he works within 60 miles of our house and no longer has to work on Saturdays, we should rent every single movie made between 2000 and the present. So he’s started renting three movies a week, and unfortunately, the last three years were (mostly) lackluster for movies, with only a few bright spots. Also, my dad has pretty odd tastes. I have no idea where he comes up with this shit, but he brings home some really weird stuff. Fortunately, I end up liking most of it and I think my dad is somewhat less of a retard.

So this week it was I am Sam, The Last Castle, and Reign of Fire. He rented the latter because he claims my mom has this crush on Matthew McConaughey (she doesn’t), and he’s extremely jealous of this fictional crush, so he decided to rent the Battlefield Earth-esque thriller where he’s all dirty and bald and wearing animal skins and shit. We haven’t watched that one yet, or I am Sam. Yesterday afternoon, we watched The Last Castle.

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Classes start tomorrow. I’m absolutely thrilled. Except for how much I’m not.

I could follow that up with a pissy, whiny bitch-rant about all the things I have to do next week in order to get back into the swing of my exciting bachelor lifestyle (see, “bachelor” is a pun in this case, as I am (1) a swinging bachelor and (2) pursuing a bachelor’s degree; my hilarity never ceases to amaze and irritate me), and I still might, but I really probably shouldn?t because it?s not worth the effort. All’s I know is that everybody I know is converging in this general area tonight, and I’ll see a few them tomorrow, smoke some PCP, and then petition some grades with which I take issue. Also, I need to get a new U-Pass. And I need to drop and add some classes on Thursday. And I am looking forward to roughly none of those things.

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