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So I saw a trailer for the new Daredevil movie, and I gotta say, it looks pretty damn good.

You’ve got Ben Affleck as the superhero with two major problems: (1) he’s blind and (2) he stuck a wirebrush down his throat. You’ve got Jen Garner, looking hotter than ever, as…well, I dunno what the hell she’s supposed to be, but as long as she looks hot and kicks ass, it’s enough to get my ass in the theatre. You’ve got Jon Favreau, fatter than ever, looking like some freak Orson Welles-Marlon Brando monster, wedged into a chair in a lower Manhattan café for all eternity. And you’ve got Colin Farrell, master of really poorly faking non-Irish accents, as the neo-Nazi bad guy. Ooh, and we mustn’t forget Joe Pantoliano as the annoying-as-all-get-out reporter, and Michael Clarke Duncan as the huge black guy who stands around looking menacing. And the almost certainly frightening cameos by Kevin Smith and Coolio.

I hate comic-book movies because most of them fucking suck, but this one looks like a keeper. Okay, actually, it also looks like it sucks, but it’s got the Jen Garner factor, and it’s got a pretty decent cast. So yay for Daredevil. And yay for Jen Garner.

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