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Of all the goddamn things, I was watching public access tonight.

We recently got digital cable, so we have roughly 137 million channels to choose from, but what do I most frequently choose? If I’m not absorbed in something on TechTV or G4 (my life is so sad), or I’m not watching one of the few network shows I enjoy, I usually flip around the different local access stations. Sometimes they have good stuff, but most of the time it’s like watching a really shitty movie without having to pay rental charges.

At any rate, there are many, many, many, many, many, many bad local access shows dedicated to the budding local music scene*. There’s also one that is shitty, but which is apparently broadcast around the country. It’s called “Music Choice,” and today they featured a band that—for the first time in my long history of watching terrible local programming—I actually enjoyed. They’re called Queens of the Stone Age, and the show had a whole hour of some live concert they did at the beautiful and frightening Troubadour in Los Angeles.

I liked them. That’s really all I have to say. I think I might buy one of their albums.

* The best bad music show I’ve ever seen is called “Thrash TV.” As expected, it had rock-bottom production values, and at one time they used this to their advantage. The majority of the show was dedicated to local basement punk shows from really shity bands, but one time they went out and recorded a White Zombie concert in Chicago. Then, after showing two or three songs from that concert, they took us “backstage” to what looked like a poorly lit garage for an interview with Rob Zombie. But it was very obviously not Rob Zombie—it was just some dude in a cowboy hat trying to act like him, but it was all backlit so all you could see was hat and hair, so I guess maybe it was convincing to somebody. It was probably the funniest local-access moment I’ve ever seen.

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  • I typed “rob zombie has issues” in and your site was first on the list. HAHAHA

    ANNON 17 years ago Reply Link

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