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I watched fourteen hours of Buffy yesterday, including the obscenely depressing “The Body” (in which Buffy’s mother dies and the entire gang is forced to deal with that) and the less depressing “The Gift” (Buffy sacrifices herself to save the universe and Dawn, which is depressing in an heroic way), and that was fun even though they didn’t play my favorite episode (“Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered”—the one where Xander does a spell to get Cordelia to love him, but it backfires and causes everyone except Cordelia to love him—it’s absolutely hilarious). The day flew by quickly. It also reminded me of how much I miss Cordelia in the Scooby gang (though she’s fun on Angel).

But the thing is, during this fourteen-hour slayerfest, they showed one commercial during literally every break. This Kia Spectra commercial. You probably know the one I’m talking about. It’s got this shitty new-wave sample playing, and there’s this obscenely cute girl and her dog, and she goes through a bunch of different boyfriends, but the only thing that stays the same is her car and the dog, because there’s something wrong with all the boyfriends. Over the fourteen hours, I managed to develop a major crush on this girl. And that is kind of depressing. But still, she’s sooooo cute.

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