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More on Fiction Writing…and Some Other Stuff

I find it odd how all of a sudden I don’t hate Fiction Writing. I’m warming up to several of the students in the class, even the ones I initially despised (and still do, albeit to a lesser extent), the professor is becoming generally less irritating, and I actually almost dig the structure that I originally hated. Granted, the structure of the class—which, in simplest form, is designed to force a writing process on the students—doesn’t actually work, and I’d be much better off writing, reading, and/or discussing for four hours instead of playing shitty games. But as I get to know the others in my class, I sort of like the shitty games better. It’s more fun, I guess, when you know the people you’re playing with. Like, in geek terms, a LAN party for Unreal Tournament instead of finding some random open match online in the wee hours of the morning (in addition to knowing the people, you get a better framerate!).

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